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About Us

Think of your stereotypical idea of a farmer. What images and meanings come to your mind? Right… now please forget about all these and reset your perceptions.

Brothers in Farms is a small unconventional farming business based in Kyparissia in Southern Greece. It is the labor of love of two brothers (obviously) and is a reflection of their funky and alternative philosophy of lifea a philosophy that changes the very idea of how farming is all about.

Their products are naturally of top quality, but it is their spirit that differentiates them from the crowd. And while most farming businesses would not even bother with a brand name and a logo, these two guys wanted to go the whole way.

So when it came to creating a new unique identity for thema it was clear that
we needed to capture all these elements. For a starting point, we needed something that solidly placed the nature of their business on the table.

Thus, we created the very recognizable outline of a tractor – the archetypical symbol of farming. Following that we incorporated the brand name in it – with the ‘Bʼ of the first world and the ‘Sʼ of the last one defining the outline of the tractorʼs wheels. The typeface that we created for this has a vintage vibe in it, denoting the close, loving relationship of the brothers with their land and their produce.

Brother in Farms now have the identity that best reflects what they stand for.

Meet the Brothers In Farms

Panos Adamopoulos
Panos AdamopoulosFarmer, Musician, Brother #1

Panos is the oldest brother of two. He considers himself a 'forever student', eager to learn everyday something new about the latest harvesting techniques and optimal growing conditions.

His determination to turn vision into action has contributed in the founding of Brothers In Farms.

Panos believes that the key to success, is continuous improvement, a tenet he lives out through his whole life.

Apart from farming, Panos is also a drummer and an off-road car enthusiast!

Nikos Adamopoulos
Nikos AdamopoulosFarmer, Musician, Brother #2

Nikos is the second of the two brothers. He is fueled with passion for understanding what it takes to optimize the production process of the best agricultural products!

Over the years, he has been involved in various occupations apart from agriculture, from which he has obtained various practices and ideas that differentiate the way he perceives agriculture in general.

Today, apart from running Brothers In Farms, he is an active session musician and a full time dreamer!

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